Behind the Backwoods Clothing

Blue Jean Distressed Backwoods Dad Hat

Started by shipping a few custom t-shirts of the founder's mom's basement a year ago, Urban Thrifters has become an institution where designers can showcase their latest styles and designs fearlessly specializing in backwoods backpacks, backwoods hats & more. 

Founder, owner, and author Brandon Lee is recognized as one of the youngest, most innovative and trendsetting visionaries in the world in a number of areas and domains. Being only 17, Mr. Lee is in tune with what the youth enjoy and feels that he can help designers everywhere bring their styles to life.  Shop Our Online Selection:

Every piece is carefully selected and/or curated to reflect Urban Thrifters unique vision and dedication to heritage, style, elegance, and quality above everything else. 


We want to honor the spirit of streetwear past, present, and future.

Our backwoods backpacks and backwoods hats carry a distinct smoker's story and weaves into the eclectic patchwork of our global selection. We are always thrilled when you like our Backwoods Backpack, Backwoods Shirt, Backwoods Hat and Backwoods Duffle Bag offering.

We also believe it is important to make your own mark in fashion, so we created our in-house label Urban Thrifters NYC to inspire the future by way of the past. 

These designs are constantly developing with hopes to elevate your wardrobe in a simple cutting-edge way, providing excellent value.


Backwoods Clothing

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